As I was walking into Walmart after church one day, I found myself entering on the heels of four teenage boys – laughing and decked out in low-riding jeans and tattoos.

I found myself overwhelmed with the Love of God for them.  So much so, that I felt that I should tell them how much He loved them.

But, as we walked into the main entrance and began to separate, I kept silent.  They went to the left and I went to the right.

Feeling a little guilty, I said to the Lord, “Okay, if You want me to tell them You love them…bring them across my path again, Lord!”

Well, within 10 minutes, there they were walking almost beside me as I was going down an aisle!

I walked into the middle of them, smiled, and said, “As I was walking behind you as we were coming into the store, I was overwhelmed with the Love that God has for you!  He wants you to know that He loves you very much!  Have a great day!”

As I was walking away, I heard one of them yell after me, “Thank you!”

Later, as I was in the car, I began thinking that I should have talked to them longer.  I should have found out if they knew Jesus.  I should have…

But, then the Lord interrupted my thoughts. I heard Him say in His quiet, loving voice, No, I just wanted them to know I loved them.

Sometimes we try and complicate and over-think things.  Sometimes He just wants us to let people know that He loves them…


As I am sitting here drinking my coffee, I find my thoughts going to those that are in a time of uncertainty in their life situation.

I feel your desperation for things to be different. I hear you crying out to the Lord to change your life.

Dearest, precious, beloved of God! As I am sitting here, I also feel the faithful, all-encompassing, powerful Love that God has for you! He has not forgotten you. He hears you…He sees you…He has such an amazing plan for your life!

Even though you may feel that what is happening in your life is holding you back…remember that God can cause ALL things to work together for your good.

Our lives are full of life experiences – good and bad. But, our powerful Lord uses all these experiences to mold and shape us into a vessel that will display His glory!

I hear Him saying, “One step at a time!”

What has He called you to do today? Don’t discount what He can do through that one obedient step! Don’t downplay the importance of what may seem to be a “little” act of obedience.

It’s okay to feel uncertainty…it’s okay to want to see things changed…BUT, walk forward – one step at a time – knowing that God is with you! And He is going before you preparing the way!

You will make it to your destiny, beloved! ONE STEP AT A TIME!!!