Revelation and Relationship

“I don’t want the world to define God for me. I want the Holy Spirit to reveal God to me.” ~A.W. Tozer

As I read this quote, it reminded me of the necessity of not only learning about God…but to actually receive a personal revelation of who God is.  This revelation (deep spiritual knowing) can only happen in and through the Holy Spirit. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be satisfied with only head knowledge about the Lord. I want to have an encounter with Him, to speak with Him, and to hear Him speak to me. I desire for the Holy Spirit to reveal the deep things of God. I desire to have such a hunger and thirst for the Lord, nothing else will satisfy!

I am thankful for the encounters and revelations that I have already received. Thank You, Lord!! But, I know that a relationship is ongoing and it grows over time. And our relationship with God is one of the most important ones we will have in our lifetime.

I see that relationship as a rose. At the beginning it is just a bud, waiting to open up to its full potential and beauty.  As we engage in worship, prayer, and study – as we seek the Lord and draw near to Him – the bud begins to open up and display the full beauty of its divine purpose. As our relationship with Almighty God grows, we are able to display His beauty to all those around us!!  Hallelujah!!

Will you join me in growing in the revelation of who God is? 

Lord, may we open up fully to receive a deeper spiritual understanding of who You are. May our relationship with You, O God, bloom inwardly and outwardly to display Your glory!!   In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!!

~Tina K. Roach

Walmart Visitation

*That moment when God interrupts a conversation about Him to let you know He is part of the conversation!*

I greeted a friend in Walmart that I haven’t seen in a great while. She told me that I had been in her thoughts that morning and we began sharing about our lives and God.

Her husband joined us and pretty soon we were deep in “God sharing.” At one point as I felt myself begin to share God’s heart – the Holy Spirit of the Living God totally enveloped me.

I was overwhelmed…I couldn’t speak…my eyes became flooded with tears. It took a moment for me to be able to continue with sharing.

I treasure those moments of God reminding me He is as close as the next breath…as close as the next thought…as close as the next word. ❤️

Brothers and Sisters, you are NEVER alone! No matter where you are or what you are doing – God is there.

Whether you “feel” His presence or not, never doubt His continual love and presence in your life! And don’t be surprised if He decides to join you in Walmart!!


It is good to serve and minister for the Lord. But, we need to make sure we are not doing it just out of a sense of obligation.

The WHY of our obedience and ministry and serving is important. As we journey in RELATIONSHIP with our precious Lord and with others…the why is answered by LOVE.

We serve the Lord out of our love for Him. We minister and serve others because we love them with the love of Christ.

And this Love pours forth from our time of drawing near to God and from our time of talking with Him (and listening). We need to move from a place of serving and ministering FOR God into a place of serving and ministering WITH God!

Beloved! God is calling us into closer relationship with Him! Are you ready?

Who Am I, LORD?

Who am I , LORD,
that You would show me favor?
Who am I, LORD,
that You would speak to me
and let me know Your love?
I am so humbled, LORD,
that You would turn Your Face toward me
and rest Your eyes upon me.
Who am I, LORD,
but one who adores and worships You!
I cannot express how honored I am
that You have chosen to have a relationship with me.
I cannot express how much I love You…

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