Vessel of Change!

There are things you are praying about that you would like to see happening in your church, in your family, in your job, or in your community. I would like to challenge you this morning! Maybe the Lord wants to use YOU as the vessel of this change!

Are you waiting for the Lord to bring His Change through someone else??

Maybe the Lord is waiting on YOU!!

Are you willing to be the VESSEL OF CHANGE that He can use for such a time as this?

Are you ready to say YES?

He’s ready!

~Tina K. Roach


Sitting in my recliner – where I have been sleeping and resting and praying. I am gazing at the beautiful flowers on the table across the room and they have given me such joy!

More blooms have opened and I am reminded of how the Lord continues to work in our lives day-by-day.

We bloom in different ways at different times in our lives. Some times we may feel that our “blooming” is done. But, I would say to you that it is just that your blooms are changing! Be patient if you are at the end of one blooming. A new blooming is getting ready to burst forth!! And it will be beautiful!!