The Hope of Glory

Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. ~Matthew 5:16

May we reflect the Light of Christ today and every day! Mary carried the physical Jesus and gave Him birth into the world. We carry the spiritual Jesus -Christ in us, the hope of glory. ~Colossians 1:27

Lord, may we join You in releasing Your presence, Your power, Your mercy, and Your love everywhere we go!

We honor and celebrate YOU, Jesus, on this day and every day of the year! HALLELUJAH!!


Dearest Jesus,

I celebrate Your physical birth upon this earth so many years ago.

I celebrate Your life – showing us by example and teaching how to live.

I celebrate Your willingness to lay down Your life for us.

I celebrate Your resurrection and Your spiritual life being lived out in and through us.

I celebrate You in us – the hope of glory.

I celebrate!


“Enthusiasm is contagious – and so is the lack of it.” (John Wesley)

The definition of enthusiasm is “a feeling of excitement.”

I don’t go to sports events (although I did when my children were young). And when parents are cheering for their children, there is much enthusiasm to be seen and heard.

We witness the same thing at adult football games, baseball games, basketball games, and other competitive events.

Sports and entertainment elicits much enthusiasm! Laughing/crying, shouting, clapping, and jumping up and down is not uncommon.

There are many things in life to get excited about – to show much enthusiasm over – births, weddings, graduations, and other milestones.

It is hard to show enthusiasm without an outward expression of excitement! Stillness and silence simply do not go along with enthusiasm.

I am talking about all of this to lead up to our behavior in church. There absolutely are times to be quiet and worshipful. But, there are also times to show enthusiasm!!

Why is it so easy to show enthusiasm at sporting events but not show enthusiasm in church? There are times during praise and worship when I want to SHOUT! What God has done for us; is doing for us; and will do for us is as exciting as someone catching a football!!!! I would say more so!

There are times during the Pastor’s message when I must shout out an “AMEN!” I get EXCITED over God’s promises and faithfulness!

During a lively praise song, I have been known to jump up and down and yes – even dance a little. 😃 (even though I am 66 years old!). There is no age limit on getting excited over the LORD!!

I want to show ENTHUSIASM for my God and for all He is!! I would rather be found guilty of too much enthusiasm than not enough. How about you?

If enthusiasm is contagious, I want to be a carrier and make everybody catch it!



There are many ways to express joy! Our joy can be expressed in song; in dance; in our facial expressions; and in our shouting out our joy (I think this is where the “noise” comes in).

Have you ever felt such joy that you just had to SHOUT? I know I have shouted out an AMEN when my pastor says something that stirs up the joy within me. And I have been known to shout out a WOO HOO when my joy is spilling over.

Brothers and Sisters, it’s okay to get a little “noisy” when we are swept up in joy! It’s okay to break forth in songs of joy and clapping our hands in joyous excitement!

There is a time to quietly adore our majestic God. And there is a time to get excited…and yes, a little noisy, about our GREAT GOD!!!

Have you seen the excitement and joy at a football game? People are swept up in what is going on and cannot sit in their seats! They cannot be quiet in their joy of seeing their team score a touchdown!!

Our God has scored the ultimate touchdown!! He has won the game!! Sin no longer has a hold on us! We have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb!! Beloved, isn’t that something to get excited about!!