There are many ways to express joy! Our joy can be expressed in song; in dance; in our facial expressions; and in our shouting out our joy (I think this is where the “noise” comes in).

Have you ever felt such joy that you just had to SHOUT? I know I have shouted out an AMEN when my pastor says something that stirs up the joy within me. And I have been known to shout out a WOO HOO when my joy is spilling over.

Brothers and Sisters, it’s okay to get a little “noisy” when we are swept up in joy! It’s okay to break forth in songs of joy and clapping our hands in joyous excitement!

There is a time to quietly adore our majestic God. And there is a time to get excited…and yes, a little noisy, about our GREAT GOD!!!

Have you seen the excitement and joy at a football game? People are swept up in what is going on and cannot sit in their seats! They cannot be quiet in their joy of seeing their team score a touchdown!!

Our God has scored the ultimate touchdown!! He has won the game!! Sin no longer has a hold on us! We have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb!! Beloved, isn’t that something to get excited about!!

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