Version 2

On this last day of 2015, as I put away the old, I will be praying for the NEW that I know is coming!  Can you feel it yet?

I believe that we will see some major changes in the Church.  I believe that the Lord will be calling us to make some hard decisions in the coming months.  Do we really believe what we say we believe?  Are we ready to be bold and break out of the comfortable routine that we have enjoyed?  Can we accept new ideas; new plans; new perspectives?  Are we REALLY willing to let God be God and follow HIS leading wherever that may take us?

I hear the Lord saying, “FEAR NOT!”  May we trust that as He takes us into a New Year…a New Season…we will not fear!!  Let us follow our CHAMPION into the unknown!  Knowing that He KNOWS ALL and He already has the VICTORY!!  Let us take up His Banner of Love and step where He steps!!  Arise, Beloved of God, and get ready for that next step!!


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