A few years ago, I was getting ready for work and as I reached for a towel … I noticed a small, baby lizard on the towel!  It was green, very small, and very quick!  I wanted to capture it and take it outside where I knew it should be.

I know that the small lizard seeing my big hand coming towards it was probably terrifying!  It didn’t know that I wasn’t going to hurt it.  I wanted to help it get to where it needed to be.  I wanted to place it in an environment where it would thrive and be happy.

I got a small glass to help capture it.  Five minutes later, I was still trying to coax it into that glass! My hand behind it…and the glass before it…and it just kept darting a different way from where I wanted it to go.

And isn’t that what our lives are like sometimes?  The Hand of God guiding and coaxing us to take the path He wants us to go.  He knows what environment we need to be in where we will thrive and be happy!  And yes…sometimes where He would have us go might look like that “glass” the lizard kept seeing.  And we say, “But LORD….that’s not where I am supposed to be!!”

Ahhhh, but the glass was just for me to get the lizard to it’s ultimate destination.  And sometimes my friends, the LORD has to “transport” us to where He wants us to ultimately be, by taking us there in ways we may not understand.

If you are in a place that feels a little uncomfortable;  if you are going through circumstances that don’t seem to be where you need to be….just allow the LORD to “carry” you through and know that His ultimate destination for you is waiting on the other side.

 And we know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

May I trust Your Hand upon me, LORD!!  And may I let You take me where I need to go…in whatever way you choose…

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