Increase our REACH, O LORD!

I was looking at my Facebook page, Reflection of Glory, and I noticed the big discrepancy in the number of “Likes” a post receives and the number of people “Reached.”   One post only received 3 likes…but the number of people reached-the number of people that saw the post was 1,209!!

My goal for posting is to first glorify God!  But, I also want to reach as many people as I can to encourage, equip, and challenge them as we journey together.  And I pray that is the goal of our lives apart from social media as well — to first glorify God and next to reach as many people as we can for Him!

We may not receive praise and feedback from the people that we come into contact with…but that is not why we reach out to people.  I would say to you that you influence far more people than you realize on a day-to-day basis.  I don’t believe that we will really ever know how many people we have “reached” while we are still on this earth.  But, I do believe that we will come to that awareness once we reach our heavenly destination.

Lord, help us to reach out to those that we come into contact with – whether it’s through social media; church; our jobs; places of business, or someone we happen to connect with on the street. May we not do it for recognition or for our own self-glorification…but, for YOU, Lord! May YOU receive all the glory; all the praise; and all the “Likes!”  In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!!

2 thoughts on “Increase our REACH, O LORD!

  1. Tina, I pondered much the same thoughts today and God let me know it’s not how many we reach but that we reach that ‘one’ much like the story of the starfish on the shore story about it’s important to the one being thrown back into the water and saved…if I reach at least one starfish a day and it’s for God’s glory, I’m happy and fulfilled…enjoy your posts my sister in Christ…Sandy Blackburn


    • Ahhh…yes, dear Sandy! I know the Starfish Story and I agree the “one” is very important. And I too would be blessed to reach the one. But, I don’t believe that takes away from the desire to reach all the “ones” that we can! Jesus spoke to the one…but He also spoke to the crowds. Thank you for your comment, dear Sister! And thank you for all you do for the Kingdom!


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