Remain in Motion!

About a year ago in South Florida I was sitting in our apartment looking out upon the small lake in front of our balcony. As I was enjoying the morning view, I saw three otters swimming in the lake! This was the first time I had seen otters during the two years of our living there. I was asking The Lord if this had any prophetic meaning and I was led to look up the characteristics of otters. I came across a sentence that jumped out at me:

“It [otter] must remain in motion to maintain its position at the surface.”

Brothers and Sisters, we must remain in motion – continuing to move forward in the anointing of the Holy Spirit – if we are to maintain our position of being more than conquerors through Christ Jesus! (Romans 8:37). We must remain in motion if we are to be used in greater ways upon this earth!

The enemy knows the power and authority we have in Christ Jesus! He will do everything he can to STOP us from moving. I know that there have been times in my life when I have found myself motionless because of the circumstances that have come against me. But, I have also found that during these times of being brought to a standstill, the Lord moves as I seek Him and call out to Him. And as He Moves, I am swept up in His Movement! Hallelujah!

As the otter swims and is upheld by the water and the movement of its body – so we are upheld and supported by the Rivers of Living Water that flow through us as we move as the body of Christ through the earth! GLORY!!

Get ready, Church, to move forward in power as our positions in the kingdom are strengthened!

Get ready, Church, as The Lord completes what He has been calling you to! You will begin to see doors opening and alignment of different aspects in your life as The Lord begins to streamline your movement forward.


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