Walmart Visitation

*That moment when God interrupts a conversation about Him to let you know He is part of the conversation!*

I greeted a friend in Walmart that I haven’t seen in a great while. She told me that I had been in her thoughts that morning and we began sharing about our lives and God.

Her husband joined us and pretty soon we were deep in “God sharing.” At one point as I felt myself begin to share God’s heart – the Holy Spirit of the Living God totally enveloped me.

I was overwhelmed…I couldn’t speak…my eyes became flooded with tears. It took a moment for me to be able to continue with sharing.

I treasure those moments of God reminding me He is as close as the next breath…as close as the next thought…as close as the next word. ❤️

Brothers and Sisters, you are NEVER alone! No matter where you are or what you are doing – God is there.

Whether you “feel” His presence or not, never doubt His continual love and presence in your life! And don’t be surprised if He decides to join you in Walmart!!

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