“…he makes his messengers winds, his ministers a flaming fire.”  Psalms 104:4 ESV

“Revival as an event will not suffice anymore.  Events come and go, but a people who keep the fire of God burning on the altar of their hearts actually carry this fire within them…wherever they go.  What we define as revival is God’s pattern for normal Christianity.” ~Larry Sparks

REVIVAL!  I, along with others, have been talking about revival…praying for revival…seeking revival.  I love this quote from Larry Sparks.  Revival is not an event that we should seek and then when it has run its course walk away from.

But, revival should be a way of life for us!  We should individually (along with corporately) be seeking revival in our lives.  We should be passionately, wholeheartedly, on fire with our love for almighty God!  We should not accept anything else…anything less.

Fire gives light.   When people are around us do they see the Light of Christ reflected in the things we say and do?

Fire gives warmth.  When people are around us do they feel the warmth of God’s love flowing from us to them?  Do we give off warmth or coldness?

Fire needs to be tended to continue to burn.  What are we doing to “tend” the fire? What are we doing to make sure the fire does not grow cold?  Prayer, Bible Study, and worship are three things that can keep the fire burning bright in our lives.  Also, we need to make sure that we share the fire with others…we don’t keep it to ourselves!  As the fire of God burns brightly within us and as we go out and minister to others…we will find that the fire is continually replenished…and new fires are started when we share our fire!  Hallelujah!

A “cold fire” does not accomplish anything!  It is a marker of once was, but isn’t any good in the present.  O CHURCH!  We need to rekindle our fire!  We need to release a burning passion for the LORD and for His people!!

May we BE His ministers of flaming fire!!  We carry the Fire of God within us!  May we continually sacrifice on the altar of our hearts all those things that would keep us from being who God has called us to be!  It’s time dear saints!!  Allow the Ruah of God, the breath of God – His Holy Spirit – to breathe upon the cold embers of our hearts and revive us to a higher way of life, a deeper love, a greater obedience!





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