As I lay in bed this morning, in that moment of fresh awakening, I had a quick vision from the Lord.

I saw a windshield in front of me – what I would see if I was in the car looking out. The windshield was spotted with many black dots. As this vision quickly disappeared, I asked the Lord what I was seeing. I “heard” the following in my spirit:

“As you go through life, there are many things that can clutter up your vision so that you are not seeing as clearly as you should. Just like bugs on a windshield, these things can cloud and cause your vision to be compromised.”

Brothers & Sisters, I invite you to join me in seeking out those things that are inhibiting us from having CLARITY OF VISION.

What could some of these things be? Unforgiveness, critical spirit, pride, doubt, disappointment, self-pity and too much busyness in our lives are some that I can think of. Can you think of others that would interfere with us having GOD’S VISION flowing in our lives?

I hear the Lord saying:

“It’s time to clean the windshield!”

Lord, may Your Living Water wash away all those things that are inhibiting our vision! We position ourselves before you for a fresh cleaning, a fresh preparation for all that is coming! May we see through Your eyes! May the Holy Spirit be our “windshield!”  

This Holy Windshield not only will give us clear vision…but we will be protected from the winds of destruction that try to beat us down! Hallelujah!!

Lord, YOU are our VISION! YOU are our GUIDE! YOU are our PROTECTION! GLORY!!

We are ready for a FRESH CLEANING! AMEN!

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