Walking With Jesus

We had a powerful prayer time this morning! At one point I was in front of the group lifting up the churches in our area and I found myself praying for unity.  I found out that another walker, who was bringing up the rear of the group, was praying the same thing – unity! We were far enough away from each other that we didn’t hear each other. Praying God’s heart- UNITY -for His people!!

I prayed this morning for God to give us another “divine appointment” and He did! As we were walking across from the hospital, I felt the nudge from the Lord to walk in the drop off area of the Emergency Room/ Hospital.

As we began to walk in that area, we saw a woman walking from the parking lot to the hospital. She had just dropped off her daughter at the Emergency Room. I was able to pray with her for her daughter’s healing. We serve a God of Opportunity! And He sets up the opportunities!! Hallelujah!!

Thank You, Jesus, for walking with us during this focused set-aside time!!

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!!

4 thoughts on “Walking With Jesus

  1. Tina I absolutely love your ministries And great work you do for us as a pastor and sister in Christ Jesus. You truelly are a inspiration and I got the blessed opportunity to have met you in person at a Women’s Aldersgate retreat, I was pregnant at the time about to have my baby and you prayed over us; by which I had no pain during the whole labor and delivery . I love that you hold firm so rich in the faith of our father even when things appear bleak in the world, even with all the falseness you never stray from the truth and for that you have my deepest gratitude and respects. I enjoy speaking with you and sharing the wisdom the lord has blessed us with when it comes to discerning each other and pray in my earnest joys that we continue the bond we share which is love for our Lord Jesus. You are a reminder God is real and still in works, don’t ever give that up sweet sister. You are helping the world by moving hearts and I have to say you send people who feel the world hopeless into a new world where it’s known there is a Lord who loves us, when others try to tell us differently. Thank you for what you do and more,

    In Sisterly love,
    Jeannie Fox

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    • Thank you, Jeannie, for your support and encouragement!! I am extremely blessed if my ministry in any way has inspired, encouraged, or strengthened anyone in their walk with Jesus!! I truly give Him all the glory and honor! Go forth in His love, power, and grace, dear Sister!!


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