IMG_1246There is such joy in walking in the calling that God has placed upon our lives!! There is such joy in using our spiritual gifts for others!!

I attended a church service in my community tonight. My plan was to just go and receive. And I did indeed receive – encouragement, confirmation, and love from those attending…along with solid biblical teaching!

But, the Lord also used me for others as well. I prophesied over 5 people there as a result of visions He gave me for them. Thank You, Lord!!

I have found that when we have a spiritual gift, it is hard to just “turn it off!” And why would we want to? God gives His gifts to be used!

Are you walking in your gift? Are you using it for His glory? Are you experiencing the joy that comes from ministering to others?

It is time to step out in faith and take your position in the body of Christ! You are needed and God will use you mightily!

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