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The Sovereign LORD is my strength;  He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, He enables me to tread on the heights.  ~Habakkuk 3:19

I am so thankful that the Lord is my strength!  I must not rely on others to strengthen me…I must not rely on good books to strengthen me…I must not rely on anything that is physical to give me the strength I need.  Physical things are temporary; people can let you down….BUT GOD!!  He will never let us down.  He is always there to refill us time and again with His strength!  Our strength will fail, but His strength will never fail.  His strength is always there for us. Thank You, Lord!!

He has made our feet like “the feet of a deer.”  As the deer’s feet are made to grip and be able to stand firm and move confidently on the unlevel and upward path of the mountains…so our feet are made to stand firm and move confidently upon the upward path that the Lord has called us to.

God makes us walk on our “high places.”  What high places has He called you to walk upon?  The path may seem too challenging.  The top may seem too high, too far away. But, the Lord is our Path Guide.  He will place out feet upon ground we can trust to hold us.  For He is our ground!

*I have a vision of mountain climbers. You know how someone who is inexperienced is hooked by a guide rope to the experienced climber. He goes ahead and leads the others to where they should follow.  As long as he is hooked and connected to the guide…he will know exactly where to step.*

Ahhhh Lord! Thank You for leading us. Thank You for attaching yourself to us. It is never Your desire for us to wander from the path. May we never choose to unhook that guide rope! We are lost without You!

2 thoughts on “OUR PATH GUIDE

    • Thank you for your comment, Bad Wolf! I do believe that we tend to live “ordinary” lives – lives that we are “comfortable” in. But, I have found that as I continue to seek after God…drawing closer to Him…I find that He calls me to walk with Him into new places and experiences that I may not feel that I am “qualified” for.

      He does indeed call me to a higher level of living…a challenging place…a place that without Him, I would probably fail on my own.


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