No Coincidences

I love how the Lord uses us wherever we may be for His glory!  I was in the nail salon getting my nails done when I saw a woman I thought I recognized.  She walked over and introduced herself.  Come to find out, I taught her son in First Grade (many years ago). She began sharing the awesome testimony that her son had as a result of a car crash he had in January.  God’s miraculous power and intervention was evident throughout this devastating crash!

It was such a blessing to me to hear how God has been using his testimony all over the world!  Thousands upon thousands of people have been impacted by his story through social media.  We serve a miracle-working God!!

Also, while I was there, another woman walked over to me.  Our daughters had graduated together and she had recognized my name.  On her way out of the salon, she asked me to pray for her and the team she was on.  They were preparing to go on a mission trip to Nicaragua to minister to women there.

I was able to stand with her and pray for her and the team.  I was able to pray for the women they would be impacting with God’s Love.  After the prayer, she said that it was God’s plan for me to be there!  And I agree!  In the kingdom of God there are no coincidences.  There are divine appointments and encounters!

I just love to go to get my nails done…and end up having “church” in the salon!  God is everywhere…and He can use us everywhere in ministry!  Where will He use you today?

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