Gentle “nudges” of God…


As we draw closer and closer to the Lord…we begin to sense His gentle “nudges” to draw aside…to go a different direction.

As I was almost to the door on leaving a restaurant with food to take home…I found myself turning sharply aside and walking over to a table that had a group of four. I knew the husband and wife from attending different spiritual events that they had attended also. As soon as I said hi, I found myself quickly thinking,  “Why am I here?” (and I think they were wondering the same thing). LOL!

I looked at the two young people who were sitting opposite them and asked who they were. (pretty bold…) I was told that the beautiful young woman was their daughter and the handsome young man was their future son-in-law. They were getting married on Saturday and moving to Germany. He was from Germany and they had met while she was on a mission trip there.

Without realizing what was next, I found myself begin to speak blessing over their marriage and over the ministry that the Lord was getting ready to release in their lives! After I had spoken, I felt released to go and headed for the door.

As I was sitting in my car driving home…tears began to flow as I realized the Lord had used me to speak into the lives of this young couple. Don’t ignore those gentle nudges of the Lord!  He is ready to use you wherever you may be!  All honor and glory to our most high God!!

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