It has been so hot in North Florida this summer!!  Because of the lack of rain, I have been turning on the sprinklers and even using the water hose to water by hand our new grass seed and yard. 

I find myself actually enjoying standing in the yard and holding the hose as the life-giving water flows to the thirsty grass and plants.  I feel so relaxed and at peace and full of joy as I give my plants what they need.

And isn’t this how the Lord must feel as He lets His Living Water flow upon our thirsty souls and spirits? I hear the Lord saying to us:

Beloved, are you thirsty?

Beloved, are you dry?

Come to Me and be filled.

Come to Me and be drenched

in My life-giving Water.

Let My Water seep down

into the roots of your need.

Let My Water cause new life

to rise up within you.

I am here; I am with you.

Drink deep…


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