Celebration of LIFE!

Another birthday…I remember in years past when there was such excitement with the arrival of another birthday!  Of course, when I was young there were the parties, the presents, the friends in attendance.   And as I got older, there were special times with family and presents that were requested and received.

As time has gone by, I find that I have everything I need and want.  I don’t have to wait for a special day to have that special thing that I desire.  It is bought and enjoyed no matter what day it happens to be.

Now that I am getting close to the age of Medicare, my birthdays don’t seem to hold the importance to me that they used to.  It seems to be a day like any other.  The best presents now are the sweet sound of grandchildren singing Happy Birthday to me over the phone; the precious time with my husband as we enjoy a delicious meal at our favorite restaurant or watch a movie together as we munch on popcorn; and the joy of receiving Happy Birthday wishes from family and friends.

The reason birthdays seem like any other day is because I have realized that each and every day should be a celebration of life!  Enjoying special outings and special times together are important at any time. Giving and receiving gifts are a blessing anytime and anywhere.  So, as I move forward day-by-day, month-by-month, and year-by-year…birthdays are just another day to celebrate what is celebrated all year long!

I am thankful for another year of life!  I am thankful for more time to enjoy family and friends. I am thankful to be able to encourage and teach and pray for those that walk this life journey with me. I am thankful to be able to continue to worship my awesome God!

I celebrate another birthday…I celebrate LIFE!! 

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