We are not to walk through every “open door!”  It is important to discern which open door is for us…which door is from the Lord…and which door is a distraction that would lead us away from God’s best.

We have many choices in our lives. Some choices we know are not good even as we choose them. (Why do we do that!).  But, I thank God that He is able to teach us and use even our bad choices to help us grow.

Sometimes the choices before us are “good” ones and we see no problem with choosing them – especially if it will give us pleasure.  But, even the good choices can become a distraction and lead us away from where the Lord would have us invest our time and energy.

How do we know which choice to make…which door to walk through?  We know by seeking the Lord and by seeking the counsel of godly friends.  God is our Guide; our Wisdom; and the Light that shines upon His path for us and the door we should walk through.

So!  If you are ready for a change in your life and ready to walk through HIS open door – GET READY! He is opening doors right now that will lead us into new territories; new opportunities to influence those around us for His glory; and new ways of doing ministry!