Lord, when I speak,
may I speak life and not death.

Lord, when I pray,
may my prayers be dripping with Your Love expressed.

Lord, may my walk be in Your authority –
claiming territory wherever my feet touch.

Lord, may my hands be an extension of Your hands –
healing, delivering, and blessing Your people.

Lord, may I truly be Your vessel!
Fill me up…and pour me out!

Lord, for Your glory and for Your kingdom!



Acts 2:1-21

Come Holy Wind…Come Holy Fire…may we declare the wonders of God in boldness and power! May our sons and daughters prophesy! May our young men see visions and our old men dream dreams! May ALL your people prophesy and may ALL who call on the name of the Lord be saved!

Pour out Your Spirit upon us, O God! May we radiate with the power of the Holy Spirit within us and around us! Set Your Church on fire, O God, so our hearts will burn with love for those that do not know you!

Blow on the smoldering embers of our hearts and bring us to a roaring blaze of Your power and love! We wait with open hearts, open spirits, and open arms!

Come Holy Spirit!!