Don’t think that the Lord can’t use you until you have it “all together!” He knows every fault…He knows every weakness…and He still wants to use us!! He doesn’t choose to use us for His Glory because of who WE are — but He chooses to use us because of who HE is!! Christ in us, the hope of glory, wants to flow through you this day. All we have to be is WILLING!!

5 thoughts on “Are You WILLING?

  1. There are Christians who do not as easily apply this to others as to themselves. They assess their brothers and sisters in Christ as though God would value some of His children more than others. But I say this …

    Once you have cast doubt on someone’s aspirations and / or potential to the extreme that you have effectively challenged the hope that they have in their heart, you have wronged them. We should not effectively scoff God by underestimating or looking down on any of whom He has made.


    • I agree with you, Jeff! We should never underestimate or look down on any of God’s people. My post is to encourage others to not look down on themselves…to not think that God can’t use them. He is ready and willing to use anyone that is willing. He values and loves us all! Thank you for your comment. 🙂

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