12 thoughts on “Psalm 23

  1. आपके लेख पढ़कर बहुत अच्छा लगा और मैं आशीष पाया प्रभु आप सबको आशीष दे धन्यवाद

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  2. Amen I totally agree with you Tina. And it doesn’t just end there, there are so many verses that connect to that reading, it’s like a bible study on it’s own. I have done it with the Lord’s prayer, I always said there must be much more than to just read and say the Lord’s prayer, well there is, it’s like a whole new meaning to the Lord’s prayer and a very big bible study on it, and it opens many doors.

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  3. Hello! This is beautiful- thank you! I just had one quick comment: when it reads “He makes me lie down in green pastures”, I was taught that it means you are completely secure, with nothing to worry about or be afraid of (since sheep will not lie down unless they are feeling this).

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