I feel a STIRRING in my spirit! There is much spiritual activity going on!



The Church is being called to attention! Marching orders are being distributed.

A RESTRUCTURING of ministries is beginning! Things that have been on “the back burner” are being moved up…and things that have been in the forefront are being put into a place of being refueled. And the Lord is adding ingredients that need to be added to achieve its purpose in this next season.

I feel a SHIFTING! Some things will be slowed down and some things will be speeded up. TIMING is important! Be sensitive to the Lord’s direction.

FOCUS! The Lord is sharpening our vision to SEE!!

There is much angelic activity! They are also being positioned by the Lord to strategically help those ones that are being raised up for such a time as this!


[The Lord first gave me this word on this day in 2012. I believe we are still seeing the manifestation of it today! ~Tina Roach]

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