One Faith Step at a Time

And the Lord said to me, “Get up and go on into Damascus, and there you will be told of all that has been appointed for you to do.” Acts 22:10

As I was reading this Scripture pertaining to Paul and His defense before the Jews, I was reminded of the importance of our being obedient unto the Lord. In reading this, I noticed that the Lord first told Paul to go into Damascus. THEN he would be told what he needed to do there.

Ahhhh, Brothers and Sisters! The Lord usually doesn’t give us the “whole picture.” Our path is made up of one faith step at a time. We are told to take one step … and as we are obedient in that … then we are given the next step. I don’t know about you, but this can be very difficult. Especially, if He is calling us to do something that is out of our “comfort zone.” I want to know when, why, how. I want to know the whole picture!

However, on looking back at those times in my life that He has called me step-by-step to trust Him in where He is leading me, I realize that it is for my good to not have the whole picture. There are times that I realize if I had known the whole picture—I might have run the other way!!

We, as humans, tend to focus on our own abilities and strengths. And God doesn’t focus on that…He focuses on what HE can do through us if we are willing. Our LORD is a BIG GOD and He calls us to do big things. If we knew ahead of time all that He plans for us to do in His kingdom, we might be overwhelmed! But, in His goodness, He only gives us what we can handle…a little at a time…until we are at the place He gently leads us to. What a loving, gentle, Father!!

Beloved, may we be obedient and take that next step in faith. May we know that God is right there, holding our hands, protecting us on all sides, ordering our steps, so that we can carry out the BIG PLANS that He has determined for us to do. We CAN do all things through Christ! And we CAN accomplish it through one faith step at a time…


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