I was stopping by Walmart for a quick trip to pick up a few items before heading for home. As I was getting my last few purchases, I began to push my cart and saw a face I hadn’t seen in over 3 years.  I smiled and said my, “Hi, how are you doing?” expecting to get a response of “Fine!” and moving on.

But, the Lord had other plans!  As she began to walk towards me I knew that I was to connect with this precious Sister in Christ.  She was hungry for conversation…but that was not why the Lord had me there.  She began to share about how she was raising her 4 grandchildren and her exhaustion was evident in her voice and in her countenance.

As I was quiet and allowed her to share all that was on her heart, I found myself drawn to her commitment to these grandchildren.  She poured out her love and time to help them with their homework…with carrying them to and from activities…with making sure they had good meals on the table…and with making sure they knew the Lord.

As she continued to talk, she came to a point of asking me to pray for her youngest grandchild who was having trouble in school.  Her voice faltered and I could see the tears threatening to fall down her cheeks.

I told her that when I get a request to pray, I like to pray right then.  I asked her if we could pray for him right now and reminded her that God hears us whether we have our eyes closed or open.  She immediately responded with an enthusiastic nod of her head.

We looked into each other’s eyes as I began to pray for her grandson and finished by praying for her too.  And this time the tears did spill over as she felt the touch of God!  I’m sure that many looking on just thought we were having a conversation…although I did see a few who seemed to take more than a passing interest in what was going on.

Were they looking because they saw her tears?  Were they looking because we had stopped our carts and were not in any hurry to move on?  Or perhaps they glanced our way because they heard the name of the Lord!

As we parted our ways, she reached over and said, “I don’t think our meeting was a coincidence!” And of course I agreed.  God is always ready to connect us with those who are hurting…with those who need encouragement…with those who need prayer…with those who need to feel His presence and love.

What a blessing to be used by the Lord for His glory!  May we join with Him to be His voice and His body upon this earth!  Brothers and Sisters, let’s occupy the territory He has positioned us in and spread His Love wherever we may be!  We can make a difference!  Are you ready?

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