Sleep eludes me.
Why is it so hard to let go…to not think of things left undone?  How do I stop thinking of those things I would like to change or do differently?

It is easier to just let others do…to hang back in the shadows and not be visible and let others take the lead.

But, You have placed a burning, passionate Fire within me, Lord!  I cannot sit still. I cannot stand in the shadows for long…I MUST dance in the Light! I cannot keep silent, with hands folded…I MUST shout with joy and raise my hands heavenward!!

Sleep eludes me. But, that’s okay. I’ll just spend the time thinking of more ways to worship You, my precious Lord.

Things left undone and things that need changing begin to fade away as I turn my face and thoughts toward the brilliance of Your glorious presence! I would rather be with You, Lord, than sleep!!

Sleep eludes me…but YOU are here, dearest Lord!  HALLELUJAH!!

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