Divine Puzzle!


My four year old grandson loves puzzles and he loves being challenged. One of his favorite puzzles has 160 pieces!  I recently bought him a new Ninja Turtles puzzle that we have just begun putting together.

As we were hunting for the perfect shape and color that would fit the section we were working on, we found ourselves stuck!  We knew the pieces went in that section but could not get them to fit.  And then I realized that one piece that we thought fit…was not the correct one. The piece was very close and even joined without much difficulty, but it just was not the one.

As I was removing the misplaced piece I found myself saying, “If the piece is not positioned correctly, it makes it hard to complete the picture.”

I immediately felt the Lord using those words to teach me a spiritual truth about the Body of Christ – His Church.

Brothers and Sisters, we each have a position in the Body of Christ that is necessary for the completion of the work of the Kingdom.  Are you positioned correctly?  Are you walking in the Gifts the Lord has given you?  Do you have a passion for the work you have been called to?

Or do you find yourself struggling…searching for the joy that comes with walking in your divine placement?  When people are not positioned correctly…it makes it hard for the completion of God’s work to be done.

Beloved, the Lord knows exactly where you need to be!!  He is shifting and repositioning many in the kingdom. He knows what the Big Picture needs to look like.  Trust Him as the “pieces” around you seem to be moving and joining in ways that you didn’t anticipate.  And trust Him as He places you into the correct position in His Church and in His Kingdom…

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