I am in the midst of preparing to lead a 75 minute Equipping Session at the Aldersgate Renewal Ministries Conference in Lexington Kentucky, June 29-July 2.

My usual preparation for teaching/leading large groups in ministry is to write down everything I will say. (I don’t do this for a small group Bible Study).   I usually begin by reading/speaking what I have written.  But, usually sometime during the ministry, God takes over and I walk away from the “paper” and the words flow. God gives me the words to say!

I know that in my preparation God is guiding and leading me, but I have desired to “unchain” myself from the words on the paper and simply connect to the words that the Lord has put in my heart and spirit.

Even last Sunday, as I was preaching while my pastor was out of town, I had my iPad “paper” in front of me and I was reading what was written. But, in my prayer time the Lord had let me know exactly when I was to stop and walk away and let Him “put the words in my mouth.”

I have felt a “shift” as the Lord is writing His words on my heart!  His “ink” is much stronger than the ink of the printer!

Yes, I am still preparing for my Equipping Session. He is giving me an Outline of what I will talk about and I have Scriptures that are foundational to the teaching. But, every time I think about typing what I will say…I feel a “stop” in my spirit.  The Lord is gently raising me to a new level of trust. Do I trust Him to put the words in my mouth?  Do I trust in His ability to guide me as I speak?  Can the Holy Spirit speak through me?

I absolutely believe the answers are YES to these questions – and have even taught on it. But, now the LORD is encouraging me to put “feet” to my belief!

For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.   1 Corinthians 4:20

The theme of the Conference is THE POWER OF GOD and the title of my session is An Empowered Life!  It’s interesting that the Lord chose this period of time to release me into a new season of walking out His empowerment in my life!  LOL!  I won’t just be teaching on His Power in us – I’ll be living it!

What has the Holy Spirit been leading you to do that will take a new level of faith and trust to accomplish?  I am here today to say to you:

TRUST HIM! Trust Him to accomplish in you and through you more than you can dream or imagine!  TRUST HIM!



2 thoughts on “TRUST HIM!

  1. Praying for you dear sister as you minister this week. I’ve done that before, spoken with very few notes. Scary at first but the feeling when God catches you and speaks through you is awesome!

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    • Thank you for your encouragement and prayers, Pam! The Lord had me do this once before – as I was getting ready to preach on an ARM weekend. I was getting ready to get up and I had my notebook in hand and He told me clearly, “Leave the notebook on the seat!” Yes, a little scary!! But, He is indeed FAITHFUL!!


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